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Phoenix in Love

I am a phoenix who has risen from a fire

that burned big and bright,

destroyed and consumed,

shattered and crushed.

From these ashes

I was reborn.

I am a phoenix

who required the services

of a midwife to

cut cords

and shine a light.

I am a phoenix who is discovering.

Remnants of old


wisps of clouds in a

wide sky.

Wings learning to

fully occupy.

I am a phoenix who is supported by

lessons of the past

whilst moving forward.

I create

as I am


I am a phoenix who is learning

to leave soot in its place

whilst being directed by

a song that sings

an indescribable


I am a phoenix who is aided by

heaven and earth,

a devotee of

the greatness of

their sacred tapestry

woven by Love.

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